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General - What is Yachting Trader About!

Q: Is Yachting Trader Free?

Yes, Yachting Trader is absolutely free! You have many options for negotiating, swapping, buying, selling and Trading on Yachting Trader. If you would like to take advantage of paid features which help your listing gain more exposure for selling faster like, Urgent, Highlighted and Spotlighted you can for couple of extra dollars.

Q: What is Yachting Trader?

Yachting Trader is a cross platform mobile app and website for buying selling bidding and trade new and used yachts and yachting related items that you can cary in your back pocket.

Q: Whats Yachting Traders Purpose?

Yachting Trader is a cross platform mobile app and website for buying selling bidding and trade new and used yachts and yachting related items that you can cary in your back pocket.

Getting Started - Find great deals!

Q: What can I do on Yachting Trader?

Yachting Trader is for those people that buy, sell, bid and trade any thing to do with yachting. It really easy, you can create a listing in 30 seconds by taking a picture, writing a title, adding a short description then setting a price. Now, Yachting Trader users will see your listing, ask you questions, offer goods to trade and make you an offer. To get more exposure you can share your listing on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or E-mail. Sell really fast with maximum visibility using the Urgent, Highlighted and Featured options to your fellow yachties. Once you have found the item your interested in buying, simply negotiate with either items your selling, maybe you need to add some cash to sweeten the deal, then agree on where and when to ship, drop off or pick up the item.

Q: I have problems logging in on Yachting Trader?

You should remember to use the same type of login as you registered with, either Facebook or with your E-mail and password. If you registered with Facebook go to the login and click on “Sign in with Facebook”. If you deactivate you Facebook account you cannot get a new password from Yachting Trader and you won’t be able to access Yachting Trader. If you registered with your E-mail, click on the “Log in” and enter your E-mail and the password you chose when registering. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” enter your email address and click “Reset password” button which will send you an email to reset your password. If you have any issues please get in touch with our support team.

Q: Why can I only register with E-mail and SMS-confirmation or Facebook on Yachting Trader?

Registering with Facebook or using your E-Mail with SMS confirmation is the best way to keep Yachting Trader secure. The SMS confirmation as an extra step to confirm your identity and email address. Its a simple process, we'll ask you for your mobile number and then send you an SMS with a confirmation number for you to enter into Yachting Trader. Facebook registration is even simpler and just as fast. It only takes two quick taps on the screen and you are registered. Using these secure methods we can defend Yachting Trader against annoying spammers and scammers making yachting Trader a safe marketplace!

Q: Can I change my location on Yachting Trader?

Yes! You can change your location manually on Yachting Trader and update your location when you move to a new location which will also update your listed items for sale. Its easy and you can do this by setting your manual location from “Account & Settings”.

Q: What can I do with my location set manually on Yachting Trader?

With your location manually set, you can browse through all the items for that location and then add items to your wish list for future reference. Weather your just exploring interesting items or looking for something specific, you can further refine your searches and location using the filters.

Q: Can I update my profile after registration on Yachting Trader?

You can update your profile picture and email address after registration in your settings and personal profile. If you change your email you will have to confirm this again with SMS confirmation.

Q: How does selling on Yachting Trader work?

Yachties on the move from one place to the next always have things they don't want or need anymore. Do you need some extra cash? All you need to do is go to sell: upload some pictures of your items, write a title and a short description. Set a reasonable price and you're ready to go for free. If you want to sell faster then you can take advantage of Urgent, Highlighted and Spotlighted promotional features to get more exposure for a few extra bucks!

Q: What can be sold on Yachting Trader?

Whether it's a million dollar yacht or your old fishing rod, maybe concert tickets that you cannot use because of a last minute charter, boat soap to crew uniform to water toys, generators to engines and everything in between. Yachting Trader is the marketplace for anything you don't need in the future which made you happy in the past!

Q: How should I set the price?

The price you set should be realistic for the item your selling. Ask yourself the question, Q: what is the highest price I would pay for my item? Make sure you take into account the condition of item and any flaws, scratches, dings, dents or defects when establishing the price. Setting appropriate prices play an important part in receiving bids and making the sale. If you list an item and find that you are not receiving bids you may want to rethink the items price and consider upgrading your listing with Yachting Traders Urgent, Highlighted and Spotlighted promotional features.

Q: How to receive Bids and Trades?

When listing your item for sale you have the option to set your price as “Negotiable” and if you will “Accept Trades”. If your price is set to “Not Negotiable” then you are not accepting bid offers and can expect that it will take longer to sell your item. If your price is set as “Negotiable” Yachting Trader recommends setting a realistic asking price. If you set the “Negotiable” price to 0.00 then you are telling users that you are giving the item away for free! Accepting Trades will also increase the amount of bids that you could receive from users.

Q: When does the sale become legally binding?

A legally binding agreement is entered into when both parties being the seller and the buyer agree on the deals terms, this means one party accepts and the other confirms. A typical example is if you accept an offer from a buyer, the buyer is required to confirm the deal before it becomes legally binding. Alternatively if you were to send a counter offer to a buyer and they accepted, then you will have to confirm your updated offer before it is considered legally binding.

Q: At what point can a deal be cancel?

A deal can be canceled at any point in time up until it has been confirmed by you or the interested buyer. After a deal has been confirmed, it becomes legally binding and you can no longer cancel the deal. At the point of confirming the deal you have entered into a legally binding agreement to exchange your item for the agreed terms.

Q: Can I contact a buyer after I cancelled a deal?

If you cancelled the deal you can no longer contact the buyer, however you can receive new offers on your item from the same and other users. You can also continue to make counter offers if you have other pending offers to sell your product faster.

Q: How do I edit my listings?

Editing your listing is simple. Go to your item in your profile and click the more button to show more options. Select edit to update the information of the item such as title, description, location, terms, price and category. Once you have received an offer on your item it is not possible to change the price, you can however make a counter offer to the interested buyer. If you want to change the location of your item, you can just go to your “Account & Setting” update “Location”.

Q: Which items are prohibited?

We hope you use your common sense when listing items and not to be offensive. With that said here are some guide lines for your knowledge. Legal items are prohibited, including fake and counterfeit items. Yachting Trader does not condone the selling of living creatures or things that would be considered to physically or emotionally create damage or harm. Below are examples of things that will be removed without notice:

  • Offensive behavior and bad manners will not be tolerated.
  • Legal and prohibited, including fake and counterfeit items.
  • Pictures that are not clear or do not show the item.
  • Copied Item pictures. Example, you have not taken the picture yourself.
  • Pictures or text referencing another party, website, app or shop.
  • Items infringing trademarks or copyrights, Example, imitation, counterfeit hand bags.
  • Ads without authorization from Yachting Trader.
  • Items that are not accurately described, defective and misleading.
  • Item is listed as “free” but is not intended to be given away.
  • Item has un-realistic price and asking for counteroffers.
  • Weapons of any kind.

More information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions

“Shipping and payment – easy and secure”

Q: Secure your payment when shipping?

When shipping is considered as the method of exchange you should give consideration to the ratings and reviews of the other party. Arranging to ship the item can be agreed and consideration of securing the payment method can be made with the following tips:

  • PayPal payment processing. The buyer will send money debited from his PayPal account, credit card or bank account which is then credited to the sellers PayPal account. The seller then ships the item to the buyer.
  • Use PayPal buyer protection. Ensures fast payment for the seller and buyer protection from PayPal in case the item is not received from the seller, learn more here.
  • For more information on the PayPal buyer protection click here.
  • Verify the PayPal account. Make sure the PayPal account belongs to the user you are chatting to, be cautious when they insist on using a third party PayPal account.
  • Don’t use the Friends & Family service. If you do then you will not have the protection and ability to follow up on the deal so its less security.
  • UPS pay on delivery. Goods are delivered and handed to the buyer when the agreed price is paid to the delivery man.

Q: How to correctly ship items?

Offering shipping on your listing is enabled by default and will increase the number of bids and offers you receive so we recommend using this option providing you have the time. If you don’t want to offer shipping you can disable this option when posting the listing. Make sure that you state your terms in the description and discuss with the buyer before confirming the deal to prevent any misunderstandings. For example if a buyer makes an offer and shipping is required. The cost of shipping to the buyers, including insurance should be clarified with the buyer before accepting the deal. We recommend insurance for higher valued items or at least trackable for lower priced items because a lost package is annoying to both buyer and seller. Once shipped, you should capture an image of the shipping receipt and tracking number then message it to the buyer so they can track the shipment and confirm receipt of the item to complete the sale, then review and rate the experience.

Buying on Yachting Trader - Easiest thing you can ever do!

Q: How does buying on Yachting Trader work?

You can find things of general on the home page from featured and highlighted to whats trending around you your and previous search results. Maybe you know exactly what you want to buy then you can use the search function. You can further narrow your search more precisely with filters located on the top right hand corner of the swipe cards. Swipe cards to the left to see the next item. Swipe cards to the right to save the item to your favorites. Tap on the card if your interested to view more details and pictures, you can then “Make a Bid” to make an offer with a price that you think is fair or “Ask a Question” to send a personal message to the seller of the item.

Q: When have I legally agreed to buy an item?

A legally binding agreement is entered into when both parties being the seller and the buyer agree on the deals terms, this means one party accepts and the other confirms. A typical example is if you accept an offer from a buyer, the buyer is required to confirm the deal before it becomes legally binding. Alternatively if you were to send a counter offer to a buyer and they accepted, then you will have to confirm your updated offer before it is considered legally binding. Its important to clarify the terms of the trade in the description and discussions before agreeing to the deal. Basic questions to be confirmed between both parties should include agreement on:

  • Will the Seller ship the item or will the Buyer pick the item up personally?
  • Will the item shipment be insured, uninsured or have a tracking number?
  • Will the Seller or Buyer pay for shipment?
  • What payment methods does the Seller accept?
  • Yachting Trader recommends PayPal with buyer protection

Q: When can I cancel a deal?

A deal can be cancelled up until the point that it has been confirmed by you and the other party. When the deal is confirmed by both you and the other party you can no longer cancel the deal and have now legally agreed to the terms of the exchange for the item being sold. If you have made several offers on similar items and purchased the one you want then you should cancel the remaining offers if you no longer want them before the seller confirms. If not and the seller confirms you will have legally agreed to buy these items. If you want to cancel a deal you click the “cancel” button if the deal is awaiting confirmation by the seller, another way is to use the more options (... - three dots).

Q: If I canceled the deal, can I send a new offer?

Yes, I new offer can me made if you cancelled the previous offered deal. A completely new dialogue will be opened so make sure to include a nice message which will greatly increase your chances of the deal being accepted.

Q: My Sales and Buys have been moved to Archived?

When you have accepted or made an offer, officially confirming a deal, it will be moved to “Archived”. You can still see the dialogue and exchange information. From “Archive” you can un-archive and copy to new listing.

Q: How long can I expect normal shipping to take?

It usually estimated that standard shipping depending on your location should take around 10 days. You should receive a tracking number and know the approximate location of your shipment and be notified of its intended arrival time. If you want the item faster make sure to negotiate with the seller and pay additional delivery.

Q: Can I send a private message?

When making a bid or asking a question you have the ability to communicate directly with the seller. The dialogue of the communication is private between both parties, you can continue the chat after accepting the deal to coordinate pickup location and meeting arrangements.

Q: What to do when purchasing or renting property?

  • Understand the rental or purchase price does not include additional costs so you should also factor these costs into your financial situation.
  • Make sure that you view the property and meet the seller or landlord in person before you deposit any money towards a down payment or rent.
  • Make sure to be accompanied by a trusted friend when you go to view a property who can be a witness or for support if needed.
  • Make sure to take pictures and list any deficiencies when viewing the property pointing them out to the seller or landlord, then followed up documenting them in an email.
  • If both parties agree to finalize the deal it should be done with a written contract that clearly states all the agreed terms between both parties and document any deficiencies.

Taylor your Experience - make it your own!

    Q: What are Search Alerts and Newsletters?

    Yachting Trader newsletters are emailed once a month and keep you up-to-date on what what we are up to and how we can help you Buy Sell Bid and Trade. We will not spam you and only email you when we have some exciting news we think you should know. If you want, you can turn off the newsletter from your “Setting” in your profile. “Search Alerts” are set up when you select to be notified if an item you are looking for becomes available in your area and helps you stay up to date. Just search for a new item, add to the “bookmark” then select the frequency of the Search Alert, Daily , Weekly, Monthly. When we receive a new posting that matches your bookmarked search we will send you a app notification and email. If you don’t won’t to receive the alerts its easy to cancel the “Search Alert” from your bookmarks.

    Q: Can I follow a user?

    Yes, you can, when viewing the profile of a fellow user you have the option to “Follow” them. This feature allows you stay updated with items that seller posted in the future via phone notification ion and email. You can “Unfollow” a user by going to their profile and deactivating the follow feature.

    Q: Where can I see all the items I have purchased and sold?

    From “My Account” of Yachting Trader you can see all the times you have been trading under Posted and Buying tabs. Posted has Selling and Archived. Buy has Buying and Archived. The Archived sections allow you to file completed deals so you can focus on active deals. You can “Unarchive” and item by clicking on the options for that item. By clicking on the item you can see all the activities associated to the item, including questions, offers and chat messages.

    Q: Need Support?

    When you communicate to a users on Yachting Trader you are required to answer and follow up with bids and question to ensure that you maintain your user rating which intern shows other users that you can be trusted and are efficient so as not to waste someones time on making a deal. If a user does not respond or get back to you on an item or any other problems should occur and you feel obligated, you can report the user directly from inside the app and validate your complaint report with evidence by attaching a screen shot to justify your concerns. At the bottom of every listing item you can click report to report the item and user. On each user profile you can select report to report the user. You will then have several questions to answer and be able to add screen shots for our admin to follow up and review the report. Our team will make an investigation, assist and advise you via email on the report status from support@yachtingtrader.com. Should you have any concerns and wish to email us directly please do so at support@yachtingtrader.com or use our contact form here.

    Q: Is Yachting Trader available on Android and desktop?

    The current development of Yachting Trader is only available on IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) in the Apple App Store at the moment. Our development team is busy building a custom website along with an Android mobile version to support Android smartphones, and tablets which will be available in the Google Play Store. We will keep you updated via our newsletter when the new service will be available.

    Q: How can I delete my account?

    We would like to keep you as a user but if you want to leave Yachting Trader you can do that in your account settings and select “Delete Account”

    About Yachting Trader!

    Q: How did you come up with the idea?

    The idea gave birth in 2016 as a small passion project by professional yacht crew who are constantly on the move. They were looking to sell and trade their used items in an easy way for no matter the port or location. Unfortunately their is no marketplace classifieds or second hand markets for the yachting industry as a global market. Together a small group of friends exchanged ideas and invested time, passion and creativity to build something great for web, iOS app and Android App.

    Q: How can I support Yachting Trader?

    We encourage your support and help make Yachting trader great by sharing your positive comments and experiences with your fellow yachts, friends and family. make sure to like Yachting Trader on your favorite social media channel, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. If you have your own web site or blog we appreciate it when your comment and write about positive experiences when using Yachting Trader. Contact us by email for more media related content, information and marketing images.