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Safety Guidelines

Crew Match has a big advantage over conventional methods of meeting people in its anonymity. This means you can find crew and yachts with your own comfort zone and you do not have to reveal your contact details, email address, phone numbers, home address, etc., unless you choose.

We have designed Crew Match so that you can easily communicate with people you would like to sail with by using our anonymous messaging system. This way other users will not know your email address unless you specifically provide them with it. There is no requirement for you to add your phone or mobile number unless you wish to do so.

Following these guidelines will help maintain your safety when getting in touch with strangers on Crew Match:

Be Careful With Your Identity

  • Do not post any identity information in your description such as your home address, place of work, email address, etc.
  • Be truthful, polite and courteous with the text you write in your profile. There's nothing to be gained be stating things you can't back up later or will feel uncomfortable about.
  • Show a recent photo of yourself. Do not show a fake photo, this will waste your time and other peoples'.

Communicating Online

  • Do not give personal contact details to another member immediately but use the anonymous messaging facility provided.
  • For extra security, consider using a secondary free email address such as Gmail just for your crewing messages. As you get to know a person, you may decide to reveal your real email address to them and if you change your mind, you will then be able to easily change your email address if you need to.
  • If you call another member by phone, hide your number if the facility is available until you are sure of that person.
  • When you are ready, a phone call will tell you many things. Keep your number anonymous if possible by calling them from a mobile or pay phone. Only give out your home phone number when you are certain you can trust the person.
  • Do not be pressured into contacting or meeting someone. You can always say no. If they are genuine they will understand your reasons.
  • Be shrewd and cautious. People can write anything they want, so don't believe everything that is written or said. Be careful if the person is simply too good to be true.
  • In all probability you will know if someone is lying to you. Follow your instinct and don't be pushed into giving personal details straight away. Trust your gut feeling on these matters. If you are not comfortable with something, don't do it or stop corresponding if you're not sure.
  • Be cautious if they give inconsistent information (e.g. about their age, marital status) or are vague (e.g. about their experience or the quality of their boat).
  • If at any time you feel uncertain about a member, stop contacting them.


  • Your first meeting should be in a very public place, preferably already well known to you. With the often private nature of sailing it is especially important that you meet somewhere other than on the boat.
  • Take a friend with you to the first meeting.
  • Always make your own travel arrangements.
  • If you are meeting in a distant location then make your own hotel arrangements and do not tell the other party where you are staying.
  • Make sure that you tell a family member/friend where you are going and who you are meeting. Phone them when you arrive safely, and when you leave; always making sure that you have your mobile phone with you, fully charged.
  • If they claim to have sailing qualifications then ask them to bring their certificates to the meeting so that you can verify them.
  • Don't leave personal items, food or drinks unattended.
  • Always be in control of the situation, do not be forced into situations that are uncomfortable for you. Trust your instincts.
  • Arrange sailing trips if you are happy with the other person, but don't give in to pressure if it's not what you want to do.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the person you are meeting for the first time, be forceful and leave.

On the Boat

  • If you are a crew member then arrive in plenty time before you are due to slip the moorings. Have a good look around the boat and check that you are happy that it looks well maintained and seaworthy. As with all new boats check the location of safety equipment including life jackets, harnesses, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, flares and sea cocks. If you are unhappy with the boat's seaworthiness then do not sail on the boat.
  • If you are not satisfied with the competency of the skipper then do not sail on the boat.
  • If you think that the weather conditions are not safe go out in then explain this and do not sail on the boat.

How to get out of a jam

  • Leave as soon as possible. Its always better to be safe than sorry. Your safety is obviously more important than worrying about embarrassment, your behavior, or what another person may think of you.

These guidelines are exactly that, guidelines. They cannot fully protect you from others but following them will help you to be somewhat safer.

Should you feel that a member is abusing our service please contact us with details.